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Glen’s solid education, 21 years of experience, and down-to-earth personality set him apart from his peers. “Perfect does not exist, if you shoot for it you will always fail,” says Glen of his approach to weight management and sports performance optimization through nutrition. Glen believes that each of us have the power to make changes in our daily eating as part of a better lifestyle. Restriction is not the answer to a lifestyle change, but balancing nutritious meals in a timely manner, as well as proper hydration and sleep play a critical role in achieving success.

Glen works with sports teams and individual athletes of all ages and skill sets in his private practice in NY, NJ and CT. His clients range from professional athletes to elementary school students. Most recent career highlights include Glen’s positions as the team nutritionist for the New York Jets (NFL football team); Nutritionist for Atlantic Health System - Sports Health in Morristown, NJ; and, the Nutritionist for Manhattan Sports Medicine in New York City.

Glen has completed numerous speaking engagements, including: Atlantic Sports Health in Morristown, NJ; Universities; and community based programs such as NFL PLAY 60, which encourages kids in neighborhoods everywhere to come out to play for 60 minutes a day. Glen is scheduled to appear at the Athletic Trainers Society of New Jersey annual meeting in March 2015.

“There are no bad foods, just degrees of better.” Weight management is all about calorically cheapening the meals you are eating; cheesecake is not bad, it is delicious … but [calorically] expensive. Carrots are much cheaper! The quality of the food is also an important component that he customizes to each client/athlete. Glen teaches, guides, and monitors his client’s adherence with optimal ratios of macronutrients; proteins, carbohydrates and fats. His meal plans are designed to maximize satiation from meals, incorporate hydration programming, and improve sleep (not just duration, but rather when and how deep an individual’s sleep patterns are).
Rachel Miller
NASM, Certified Personal Trainer.
TRX/Kinesis/Certified Crossfit Level One Instructor.
IIN Certified Holistic Health, Wellness & Nutrition Coach

In keeping with her mission to raise awareness of the extraordinary health benefits of eating real, nutrient dense whole foods, Rachel Miller has created the Clean Plate Club, an online interactive education forum and home of the Clean 21 Health Gain Challenges to empower members to transform their health simply by changing the foods they choose to put on their plates. Rachel leads by example and motivates her team to make their health and wellness a priority through creating healthy habits and eliminating inflammatory foods. It’s amazing the profound results they feel in just 3 short weeks.

Rachel also works one on one with clients to address specific, individual needs and assists them in making positive choices with regards to their thinking, fitness and nutrition (mind/body/spirit). She shares delicious recipes and suggests simple, doable changes that have a big impact on their overall health and happiness leading to a truly vibrant and nourished life.

Health is Wealth.
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