Welcome to the Youth Fitness Program at THE GYM!

We’ve created fun and engaging fitness classes that are specifically tailored to our younger Members. The goal of our youth program is to make fitness, health and well-being an attainable goal for children ages 4 to 15. Each of our youth fitness classes offers a welcoming, comfortable and stimulating environment where kids can have fun while exercising their body and mind.

Now, Mom and Dad can have a guilt-free workout knowing the kids are taken care of.
All classes are 45 minutes.
A package of ten classes is $150, or drop-in and try a class for $20!
Summercamp meets Bootcamp in this super fun, high-energy class. During this class, kids work on their cardio, strength and endurance while moving to the latest pop music they love. The instructor keeps it fresh and interactive by using a variety of equipment such as jump ropes, bosus, steps, stability balls and more. It’s never a dull moment in bootcamp.
Our Zumba classes are fun, high-energy fitness parties packed with specially choreographed, kid friendly routines and all the music kids love. It’s a great place to learn new dance moves, practice and improve coordination and get an amazing all around work-out. Don’t’ miss out on this cardio dance party…it’s off the charts.
Question or comments, please contact: Nurit Chasman at: nchasman@gettothegym.com

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