Limited Availability. For reservations click on the RESERVATIONS button below or call 201-399-1017. For more information email

Monday-Sunday 8am-1pm
Monday-Thursday 4pm-8:30pm

Check-in/Check-out policy – A staff member will be waiting at the door in order to allow children in who have reservations.

Masks are required at all times, even before entering Child Care. Masks should cover nose and mouth at all times, and be secure around the face.

Parents are not allowed inside Child Care with the exception of diaper change. Diaper change protocol – must remove shoes before entering Child Care, must put on hand sanitizer, and staff will have child waiting for parent in the bathroom. Parents are encouraged to have a mask on when entering the Child Care vestibule even if one is vaccinated for the safety of the children.

Social distancing boxes have been placed throughout the room for children’s safety, and to adhere to CDC & NJDOH Guidelines.

Cleaning and sanitation stations are located in the Child Care for staff to sanitize toys and surfaces throughout shift, however out of reach of the children. Toys will be sanitized and cleaned throughly after each use.

Children will be expected to wash hands before and after leaving Child Care, as well as if they touch their face, eyes, etc.

Child Care follows THE GYM’s protocol regarding a positive case.

Child Care Sick Policy is still in effect. Children with symptoms of any kind including nasal discharge, coughing, wheezing, sneezing will be sent home, even if caused by allergies. Child Care Policy form is given upon request.

Children will be sent home if they refuse to wear a mask, and/or practice good hygiene.

New Changes

Indoor Air/Ventilations: Merv-13 Air Filters, and in room air purifier that will be on at all times.

Child Care ages are temporarily changed to 2 years and older.

Child Care capacity has been temporarily changed to 10 children at one time in the room during weekdays, and 20 during weekends.

No walk-ins allowed. Parents can call Child Care’s Direct Phone Line at 201-399-1017 to make reservations 24 hours in advance or day of, for their children or make reservations through THE GYM website. Must bring their own children. Parents that dropped off a child are the only ones that are allowed to pick them up.

In an event that a child is sick, or become sick while in Child Care, a staff member will take the child into the vestibule, out of the room and away from other children, parent will be notified to come immediately, and child will not be allowed to return until a week or two after incident, depending.

Arts & Crafts

Painting, Drawing, Holiday & Seasonal Crafts Chosen & Designed by Child Care Staff


Games, Board games, Game Systems & Activities


Age Appropriate Toys


Music, Movies (Disney+ & Netflix), and T.V. Shows

Perks! To keep parents mind and transition at ease.

Safe Environment

Child Care provides a secure environment for the children by processing a criminal background check on each employee.


Every Child Care Staff has experience working with children.


Every Child Care Staff is CPR/AED certified.


Every Child Care Staff go through two weeks of training.


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