We offer our members complimentary Child Care services by a devoted team of people who are enthusiastic, friendly, and caring. Our closed circuit TV offers parents the opportunity to see their child in action by tuning into channel 27 from monitors on the cardio equipment. Parents are able to enjoy a workout and rest assured that the little ones are being taken care of by an exceptional Child Care team in a playful, educational setting.

Monday-Sunday 8:00am-1:30pm
Monday-Friday 4:00pm-8:30pm

Arts & Crafts

Painting, Drawing, Holiday & Seasonal Crafts Chosen & Designed by Child Care Staff


Games, Board games, Game Systems & Activities


Age Appropriate Toys


Music, Movies (Disney+ & Netflix), and T.V. Shows

Perks! To keep parents mind and transition at ease.

Safe Environment

Child Care provides a secure environment for the children by processing a criminal background check on each employee.


Every Child Care Staff has experience working with children.


Every Child Care Staff is CPR/AED certified.


Every Child Care Staff go through two weeks of training.

  • Englewood
    • Toys and Room are cleaned daily
    • Free WiFi for children who chose to bring in their own electronics
    • Xbox and Wii usage may be monitored upon parents request
    • Hands on activities are available for children that are restricted to electronics and TV by parent. Activities include game boards, card games, puzzles, reading, arts and crafts, music, building toys, etc.
    • ”Homework help” provided Monday-Friday evenings (please no big projects)
    • Child Care Instagram account (Private Page) to see projects, birthday celebrations, and friends interact and play. Capturing the fun moments!
    • Teen Classes are provided – Contact Customer Service desk for class schedule and pricing

Rules & Regulations

  • Englewood
    • All children must have a parent/guardian that is a member of THE GYM or a registered guest
    • Children must be registered upon first visit
    • Sign-in/Sign-out required
    • Parent/Guardian must remain on THE GYM premises while the child is in Child Care
    • Children must be at least one (1) year old
    • Two hour limit of use of Child Care is available each day/per child
    • Children can only be released to the parent/guardian that dropped them off unless prior arrangements were made
    • If your child is too sick for school, they are too sick for the Child Care Center. We reserve the right to turn away any child whom is visibly ill. Please understand that we strive to provide a healthy, clean, safe environment for the children. Parents/Guardians must abide by our Sick Policy to ensure that our Child Care stays as healthy and sanitary as possible. Sick Policy is available for reference at all times when asked
    • For the safety of the children, any type of medicine, vitamins, prescription drugs, etc. will NOT be permitted in the Child Care. If a child, for whatever reason, is on a schedule and needs to take any medication, the child’s parent/guardian may take the child out for a moment and provide them with their medication outside of the Child Care room.
    • If your child is required to carry an epi-pen with them due to a life threatening allergy, please label the epi-pen with the child’s name and personally hand it to a Child Care Staff member so they may place it out of reach from the other children but also have easy access to it, if needed.
    • We do not allow food in the Child Care including gum and candy, but we do allow drinks in a closed container or food pouches
    • We do not warm, mix, or make any bottles. Bottles must be pre-mixed and labeled
    • For safety reasons, children must be dressed from top to bottom, including socks. Children are not allowed to stay in their diapers, swimsuit bottoms, soiled onesies/pants, etc. Children must have shorts, pants, tights, or fresh pair of clothes on. If a baby leaks through their diaper and it goes through their clothes, they may not stay in Child Care with soiled clothes, even if their diaper was changed. For sanitary reasons, their clothes must be changed as well. Parents are welcomed to leave spare clothing for their child if needed.
    • Infants must be removed from car seats and strollers. Car seats and strollers are not allowed in the Child Care. They may be left in the vestibule
    • We will come get you if your child cannot be soothed after 15 minutes
    • Time-outs will be used to address behavioral problems for children two years and older. Redirection will be used for children younger than two.
    • Disciplinary protocol can always be modified by parents request if not comfortable with Time-out approach
    • We will not exceed a 10:1 child to employee ratio. After we are full, there will be a wait list
    • For a secure environment and providing the comfortability of the child, parents/guardians are limited to 15 minutes in the Child Care
    • Questions or concerns, Child Care Manager can always be contacted via Email

Sick Policy

  • Child Care Sick Policy

    Please do not bring your child to the Child Care if he or she is sick. A doctor’s note will be needed to show staff that your child has been cleared to be around the other children if a contagious type of sickness occurred. A Child Care Employee will call you to pick up your child if we believe that they are too ill to be in the Child Care. Your child can return to the Child Care when he/she is no longer contagious, usually 24 hours after the symptoms are completely gone and/or 24 to 48 hours after antibiotics have begun depending on the illness. Please remember that if they are not well enough to be in school, they are not well enough to be in Child Care.

    Your child cannot come to Child Care with a fever of 99.9º or higher. The child must be fever free for a minimum of 24 hours before returning. That means fever free without the aid of a fever reducing substance. Giving your child Tylenol (or anything in relation) to reduce the fever before arriving is unacceptable because the fever will reappear once again and the child will still have to be sent home.

    Below are just “examples” of contagious illnesses of when your child needs to stay out of Child Care. Each individual case is different and may require more or less time out, but will always require a doctor’s note stating that the child is totally well and not contagious in order to return. This is for the protection of your child, all other Child Care children present and the Child Care Employees.

    A doctor’s note will show that your child is cleared by a doctor, but you MUST abide by the Child Care Sick Policy first, regarding when a child can or cannot come to Child Care. This means that Child Care has the right to not accept your child even with a doctor’s note. It is our hope to keep the Child Care as germ-free and sick-free as possible. Once ONE child comes to the Child Care sick, he or she is exposing everyone to that illness. So let’s keep it healthy.

    If a child continually comes to the Child Care sick and the parents do not abide by the Child Care sick policy, then Child Care services will be terminated by the Child Care Manager.

    If you have any questions concerning this policy, and whether your child should attend, please call (201)567-9399 and ask for the Child Care Manager, Kledia, or email at ksovjani@gettothegym.com.

    Reasons why the child cannot come to Child Care:

    • Fever of 99.9 or higher/Scarlet fever (fever free for 24 hours)
    • Cold with thick green/yellow nasal discharge (see cold policy)
    • Constant runny nose (all symptoms must be almost cleared/cleared)
    • Sinus Infection/Post Nasal Drip (consult doctor/ need note. Antibiotics for 24 hours if prescribed for bacterial)
    • Productive cough with green/yellow discharge (all symptoms must be gone for 24 hours)
    • Persistent phlegmy cough (all symptoms must be gone for 24 hours)
    • Croup/Whooping cough/RSV (consult doctor/ all symptoms must be gone for 24 hours)
    • Strep Throat/Sore Throat (consult doctor/ need note. Antibiotics for 24 hours and be without fever without medication)
    • Stomach Flu/Gastroenteritis (all symptoms must be gone for 24 hours)
    • Persistent diarrhea (even if it is a reaction to antibiotics)(all symptoms must be gone for 24 hrs.)
    • Vomiting (all symptoms must be gone for 24 hrs.)
    • Ringworm/pinworm (consult doctor/need note)
    • Chicken Pox (consult doctor/need note)
    • Hand Foot Mouth Disease/Fifth Disease (consult doctor/need note)
    • Mumps/Measles/Rubella/TB (consult doctor/need note)
    • Impetigo (consult doctor/need note. All symptoms must be gone)
    • Pink Eye (consult doctor/need note. Child must be on eye drops/antibiotics for 24 hours)
    • Cold Sores (Child can return once symptoms are cleared)
    • Head Lice/Scabies (consult doctor/need note. All symptoms must be gone, usually takes 24 hours to treat head and house. When all nits have been removed, and child is cleared from doctor, child may return)
    • Unexplained Rash/Roseola (consult doctor/need note stating your child is not contagious)
    • Flu/Bronchitis/Pneumonia (consult doctor/need note stating it is ok to come back to childcare. Usually takes 5-7 days before they come back after having flu, takes 24 – 48 hours after bronchitis and pneumonia. Must be on antibiotics and no fever for at least 24 hours without taking fever reducing medication)
    • Ear Infection (consult doctor/need note. Child must be on antibiotics and no fever for 24 hours)


    Common Cold Policy:
    Children suffering from a common cold will be assessed on an individual basis. If we believe that your child is too sick or may be contagious to the other children, we will come call you to take your child(ren) out of Child Care.

    When caring for an ill child, the ability to provide high quality care to all of the other children is jeopardized.

    Factors of consideration include the developmental stage of your child in our correspondence to limit the spread of germs. The younger your child, the more difficult it is to keep the spread of germs down. For example, hand to face contact, mouthing of toys, uncontrolled nasal discharge, uncovered sneezing, and coughing, etc.

    A child may return when he/she is free from symptoms and no longer infectious. The child should be well enough to actively participate throughout the two hour limit. In any case of serious or unexplainable illness, a doctor’s medical clearance may be required prior to returning to Child Care.

    Please be courteous of all children in our Child Care, and refrain from bringing an ill child until 24 hours have passed since any fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or and other contagious symptoms have occurred.