With summer in the rearview, you’ve been looking forward to getting back to your workout routine…but before you know it, work, school, the holidays and other demands push your fitness plan to the bottom of your to-do list.

First thing’s first: Forgive yourself for missing a workout or two during this busy season, but promise yourself that it won’t become a habit. Exercising hard enough, long enough, and frequently enough is necessary to meet your wellness goals and improve your health.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise, in addition to strength training, on two or more days every week. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 20 percent of adults in the U.S. actually meet these recommendations.

Here are a few tips to help you master your schedule during this busy season, in case you can’t come to THE GYM as often as you usually do:

  • Commit to two or three well-designed weekly workouts. Even elite athletes periodize their training program, increasing and decreasing different variables based on time of year. During their off-season, they might increase their training volume and frequency while decreasing intensity. Closer to championship season, they’ll decrease their volume or frequency while increasing intensity. You can do the same by cutting back to 2 or 3 intense workouts during “busy” times of the year.
  • Schedule your workouts like you schedule your meetings. Carve out time in the day especially for your wellness plan.
  • Keep your gym bag in your car, so you always have what you need if an opportune time to work out strikes.
  • Combine your commute with your workout. Get your cardio by walking, running, or cycling to and from work or your to-dos, in case you can’t make it to THE GYM that day.
  • Learn to create a 30-minute workout that maximizes your time. You don’t need to spend countless hours at THE GYM to see results. Simply design a training program that utilizes ONLY the highest yield exercises.
  • Take a class or schedule a personal training session so a time, place and workout are already determined ahead of time. That way, you can work it into your schedule.
  • Take full advantage of your weekends! Do you normally spend a couple hours in front of the TV? Come watch the game while you work out instead. Tune in using our big-screen TVs and Audio Fetch app.

Living an active, healthy lifestyle does not require a deadline. When life throws you off track, don’t panic: Just get right back on the wagon. Ask our Membership Advisors for assistance. We’ll help schedule you for a goals assessment to keep you on track.


Fall into Fitness. Let THE GYM help make your routine come natural to you!

What is Fitness to you? Fitness is so much more than a workout. Fitness is health, Fitness is confidence, Fitness is mental health, Fitness is strength, Fitness is therapy, but most importantly, Fitness should be fun! That’s where group exercise classes come in. You can work out anywhere, you can work out at home, on the training floor or another facility..but what sets THE GYM apart is all the definitions of fitness listed above…We see it when we work out together in class surrounded by amazing instructors and members cheering each other on, motivating and inspiring each other. That’s when Fitness can take on a new meaning and become what it’s supposed to be: Health, Strength, Confidence and Empowerment.

Find what feels good for you… Energize in a HIIT class, Slow down and improve your flexibility and core in a yoga, stretch or pilates class. Energize and empower youself in a strength or boxing class… Play and Relax in a dance class… there’s something for everyone.. try it all and see how much fun Fitness can be for you.

It’s about a healthy body, healthy mind and a healthier YOU.

Click the link below to check out our new FALL group exercise schedule….

See you in class,

Nurit Chasman

Fall Class Schedule CLICK HERE


I’ve been training with Dave for over a year now. A close friend recommended I work with him because of his knowledge and dedication. I’m glad I took her word for it because he’s an outstanding trainer. He understands my goals and needs and pushes me without exposing me to injuries. Our program is complemented with group classes. I’m very pleased with my results, strength, and endurance overall.

Dave is very committed to his craft, so much so that he is constantly learning to better care for his clients.


“My time as a member at THE GYM has helped mold my perception of working out from being a chore to being my daily dose of fun!

Being a member means being with family and just coming in to HAVE FUN! Every class is different, from the instructor to the type of class, to the music. But whether it’s Lean Body Burn or Kickboxing or Yoga — the energy is always the same!! You’re always reminded that you can modify and do what feels good to you. You’re always reminded that every day is not going to be 100% but showing up for YOU is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Taking classes at THE GYM not only has changed my body, but it has changed my mindset. I started this journey thinking 20-pound weights were too heavy and that I hated cardio. Now I’ve learned that it’s not about how heavy or how light the weights are, or how long I can run on the treadmill, it’s about treating your body, giving yourself time to progress, and most importantly, having fun. Whether you’re using 10 or 20 pounds, whether you can run a mile or not, all levels are always welcome.

I look forward to working out with my Gym family. I no longer go JUST for the workout, I go for the vibe and the motivation. The workout is a plus! STRONG is BEAUTIFUL and I love getting STRONG with my GYM FAM! See you in class! 💪🏽”


“It was time to move out of our big house as all the children were grown. Joe and I decided to remain in Englewood rather than move to Manhattan because we could not leave THE GYM.

It is central to our lives and it could not be replicated. We made a good decision.

Thanks to THE GYM for keeping us happy and healthy.”



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