THE GYM’s team-based care service model offers many potential advantages, including expanded access to training. More trainers not only mean more appointment slots, shorter wait times, and greater availability, but it’ll also make you feel more supported in working towards your wellness goals and help you stay consistent.

Providing safe and effective personal training to our clients is what we care most about.

Our Member-Centered TEAM Approach

Whether you’ve realized it or not, healthcare over the past 20 years has trended toward patient-centered, team-based service. Here, our personal trainers have followed suit. We all go to our primary care physicians (PCP), who may refer us to an imaging specialist for diagnostics, a surgeon for a procedure, or perhaps a physical therapist for post-op rehabilitation. The PCP is the team’s quarterback, but all the team members work together with the patient to optimize their care. At THE GYM, the team consists of two or more of our Personal Trainers, and/or our Exercise Physiologist, Nutrition Coaches, and Massage Therapists.

Benefit from Each Team Member’s Unique Strengths

Our teamwork-driven approach aims to help our members take advantage of each personal trainer’s individual strengths. THE GYM’s clients have access to a diverse, knowledgeable group that’s teeming with expertise and eager to deliver optimal, customized care.

While most certified personal trainers are generalists, ready to implement one of many tools in their skillset, they often have specialized areas of expertise. Clients who want to build strength, lose body fat, and improve their mobility—three distinct but common goals—can benefit from working with three separate trainers who specialize in each of these areas.

It’s Personal, but We Won’t Take It Personally

As Michael Corleone said to Freddo, “It’s not personal, it’s business,” Personal training is serious business at THE GYM, and our trainers are experienced professionals who are dedicated solely to serving their clients. No client should be concerned about hurting their current trainer’s feelings by switching to another trainer. In fact, “swapping” on a regular basis is more than acceptable.

Providing safe and effective personal training to our clients is what we care most about, and if it takes a three-trainer rotation to get the job done, we are ready, willing, and able.


All Access Membership Pricing




1 Session


(1) 1 Hour Personal Training Session

12 Sessions

SAVE 11%


(12) 1 Hour Personal Training Sessions

6 Sessions



(6) 1 Hour Personal Training Sessions


1 Session


(1) 30 Minute Personal Training Sessions

24 Sessions

SAVE 11%


(24) 30 Minute Personal Training Sessions

12 Sessions



(12) 30 Minute Personal Training Sessions



1 Session


(1) 1 Hour Partner Training Session

12 Sessions

SAVE 14%


(12) 1 Hour Partner Training Sessions

6 Sessions



(6) 1 Hour Partner Training Sessions

Don’t want to join THE GYM and just want a Personal Trainer? No problem.

Our Personal Trainers

Juan Pla

Johnny Gouvanis

Hollye Kleiner

Ken Herishen

Lurressa Thomas

Marvin Ronquillo

Susan Heart

Jeff Carter

Mina De Santis

Deborah Glassford

David Callari

Mike Feeks

Danny Wu

Christine Sheridan

Christian Lawrence

Mark Van Buren

Carlos Torres

Learn the disciplines of MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai while giving you a complete body workout. Intense conditioning through time-tested techniques combined with full power striking and kicking is guaranteed to bring your inner fighter to life. Private, Semi-Private and Small Group Training sessions available.


We feel your burn. Build your core and lengthen your body with Pilates, a complete full body workout that builds strength without bulk, improves flexibility and agility, and helps to prevent injury. Sessions are available in our spacious, fully equipped Pilates studio.*